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Welcome to the IPMRC Ecotoxicology Page

This resource is an overview of Ecotoxicology in Pest Management. It is both a basic guide to the subject and an information resource for scientists, policy makers and commercial companies on who is doing what, and where in Ecotoxicology.

The page is being rapidly expanded and improved. If there is anything missing or if you have any ideas for improving the site then please contact me, Susan Dent, at



What is Ecotoxicology?
Ecotoxicology definitions

Research Activity

Expert profiles. Who, what, where?

- Journals, Contents pages of current issues of relevant journals
- Books
- Reports
- Conferences
Courses in Ecotoxicology
Ecotox-L. The ecotoxicology discussion list. Subscribe by sending email to , with the message Subscribe Ecotox-L

Regulation and Registration

Summary tables of ecotoxicity data for major chemicals.
Companies providing Ecotoxicological services.
Summary of the main species currently being used in ecotoxicological tests.


Pesticide definitions. What is a pesticide? Pesticide classification by target organism, what they do and how they do it.
Pesticide formulation.
Pesticide products. Summary data and background information on major insecticide, herbicide and fungicide chemicals currently in use.
New Chemicals background information and available ecotoxicology data.

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