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Commercial Organisations
Natural protection against mosquitoes.

Actron, Inc.
Specialists in Flying Insect Control Systems

The people that create products and methods for releasing good "bugs" for agriculture. They don't sell bugs or consulting services - just devices for dispensing beneficial organisms.

Arttech - Scientfic Illustration
A company working in the integrated pest management industry to provide scientific illustrations for products and services.

Beneficial Organisms - Suppliers
This listing is confined to beneficial organisms used for the biological control of pest organisms and excludes other commercially available useful organisms such as honey bees, earthworms, or butterflies as indexed listings.
Biological controls that are single-celled organisms such as bacteria, fungi, protozoans, and viruses are defined as pesticides by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). In the United States of America (USA), the sale and use of these organisms is governed by USEPA and state laws, and regulations applicable to chemical pesticides. These organisms are widely available commercially and are not listed in this publication.
This edition lists 132 suppliers and over 120 different organisms. Only private commercial suppliers are listed.

Research & development for insect control. BioGents finds specific attractants, develops efficient traps, optimizes natural repellents, and evolves monitoring and surveillance techniques against insect pests.

Biosect Research Ltd
Biosect produces non-toxic, environmentally responsible insect traps for management of greenhouse insect pests as well as for indoor fly management. Also produce highly-effective, long lasting lures for use with yellowjacket traps and effective, naturally-based mosquito repellent wristbands.

Biotop offers innovative products as an alternative to conventional products against pests.

Better Than Bouncing Email:
Offers wholesale selected products & services to farms, ranches, and homes. Among our best sellers is the safe and environmentally-friendly fly pesticide called FlyCracker. FlyCracker is (GRAS) generally recognized as safe for humans AND animals, including horses, cattle, calves, pigs and chickens. It is easy-to-use, kills fly larvae in 24 hours or less, and economical too. Interested parties, including feedstores may request a FREE technical bulletin by calling me at , or by visiting the company site.

The Cluster Buster
The Cluster Buster is a chemical free fly trap that will effectively control Cluster Flies in all commercial and domestic environments.

Pest control products, discount pricing. Offering a large selection of pest control supplies, with advice from licensed professionals.

Electronic Pest Control
Electronic devices that use ultrasonic waves, electromagnetic pulses and negative ions to control household pests.

FMC - Crop Solutions
FMC's Agricultural Products Group provides cost-effective, superior performing insecticides and herbicides for a broad range of crops and pests.

FMC - Pest Solutions
FMC offers a complete line of high performance insecticides for pest control. Includes information for pest management professionals.

Flock-Off (UK) Limited Email: Sales and Marketing

Gempler's is a direct marketer serving Agriculture, Horticulture, Grounds Maintenance, Forestry, and Serious Gardeners & Hobbyists and its web-site IPM discussion group now has links to several web sites with decision support information for tree fruit growers.

HH Pest & Turf Management Systems
Experienced Pest And Turf Professionals With Innovative Solutions For The Industry.

Insect Investigations Ltd
Insect Investigations is a wholly owned subsidiary company of the University of Wales, Cardiff, UK. This site includes details of the company, insects and services for sale and current research, as well as a comprehensive list of IPM related listservers and details of Integrated Pest Management Reviews. Linked to other web sites.

Integrity Pest Management
Integrity Pest Management, Inc. is a family run business with over fifteen years experience serving the Tulsa area & all of Northeast Oklahoma.

MK Pest Management
Technical support for public health pest control and food hygiene.

MS Global Direct
Scientifically engineered electronic pest control, ultrasonic pest repellers for mouse control , rodents, mice, rats, and other pests, insects, and bugs.

National Biotech Register
Comprehensive up-to-date reference guide on research and product development activity in the Biotech Industry.

Network Pest Control Systems
The leading supplier in the world of bird pest proofing products and deterrent systems. Full colour catalogue available.

No Mosquito
Natural protection against mosquitoes.

Orange Enterprises, Inc.
Integrating software expertise in agricultural and urban management. For the last fourteen years, Orange Enterprises has been providing easy to use programs for all areas of agricultural and urban management, including pest control. They also provide educational discounts for the continuing advancement and education of the agricultural community.

The Oxford Bee Company Ltd
The Oxford Bee Company Ltd is a spin-out company of Oxford University, set up to market nest kit systems for the Red Mason Bee, Osmia rufa, which is an excellent pollinator of orchard fruit crops. These are available by direct mail order via our website or from the list of stockists given on the website

Pest Management Services of Plant City Inc.
Pest Control and Termite Control Services in Plant City, Florida and surrounding areas

A multi-company sponsored site with products and services, classified ads, news and discussions, etc.

Phero Tech Inc
synthesizes insect semiochemicals, traps and release devices for monitoring and control of insect pests in forestry, agriculture, and arboriculture. We also synthesize bee pheromones for management of honeybees ("Bee Boost")and for increasing pollination and crop yields ("Fruit Boost"). Our specialty is semiochemical products for bark beetles and we also manufacture the "Lindgren Funnel Trap" for catching various Coleoptera, including scolytids, buprestids, cerambycids and ambrosia beetl We maintain a highly trained staff of forest entomologists who offer consulting services and help solve pest problems for government and industry. We utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the latest decision support tools in order to map and model pest impacts.

Rhone-Poulenc Agriculture Ltd.
Rhone-Poulenc is the world's eighth largest pharmaceuticals and chemicals group with over 82,000 employees based in 160 countries. Worldwide sales top £11 billion.
Rhone-Poulenc has been present in the UK since 1927 when it acquired May & Baker.
They employ some 5000 people in the UK at more than 25 locations, manufacture at 15 of these sites and also have two world-class RandD facilities at the leading edge of pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals research. Rhone-Poulenc in the UK operates in four major markets:

  • Agriculture: From crop protection products to the latest seed technologies
  • Health: From the manufacture and marketing of a wide range of medicines to vaccines and animal health products
  • Chemicals: From tyre bonding agents and mild detergent for shampoos to calcium carbonate for the paper industry and brewing enzymes
  • Fibres & Polymers: Yarns and advanced fibres for the clothing, industrial and home furnishing markets.

Rittenhouse have been servicing the agricultural, greenhouse lawn care etc industries for over 85 years with high quality products. This is an e-commerce enabled secure site.

Scapest Special Chemical Applications
Scapest Special Chemical Applications with Mosquito Information and Control

Sussex Pest Control
London & Home counties pest control services including bird control

Syracuse Pest Management
Natural Pest Control Services

Specialty Products
The BaitGun System is specifically designed for the application of paste and gel bait insecticides. We offer two types of BaitGun’s, the original BaitGun and the BaitGun 2000

Tanglefoot - Adhesive Pest Management and Tree Protection Products
The Tanglefoot Company has a long history of manufacturing high quality, chemical-free pest management products. This "sticky" tradition began in 1885. The prevention of insect and wildlife damage to valuable shade and fruit trees is Tanglefoot's primary objective. Central to our mission is the development of chemical-free methods of pest management in both home and commercial settings. is a multicurrency on-line IPM shopping center. Also a free on-line consultancy service at